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About Dreamstone

Dreamstone is essentially a small town which we hope looks and feels as close to a "real" community as it can be. It is a roleplayed town with a citizen/defender guild simply called Dreamstone (DRM), and several other guilds who are involved in the project. Our aim is to have a mix of guilds and people, and allow plots and roleplay of all types to happen in the town. Non roleplayers and those with the red aura of a PK are always welcome and we will try wherever possible to avoid "criminal" newcomers being attacked by notos. We offer a place to come and have fun, so long as you follow the few rules we have in the town:

  • No PKing, notoing, petkilling or stealing (except roleplayer thieves who return belongings). By all means have friendly duels or ask why someone is grey just in case they are making trouble, but we prefer our visitors to be treated as friends unless they behave otherwise.
  • Try not to invite the local (NPC) liches and orcs for an ale. They only get drunk and cause trouble afterwards *grins* If you are being pursued by these merry locals, or any PK's or notos are giving you trouble, the safest place is the Tavern, where you can receive assistance, healing and a stiff drink to calm your nerves. 

  • Until the great day we have our own stablehand, the safest place for horses and pets is upstairs in the tavern at the top of the stairs. Unfortunately there is often little we can do to stop someone killing a horse other than banning and or attacking, and that is usually too late to save the pet being killed, so if you don't need your horse it may be safer to leave it in a town stable.


Material Copyright © 2001 Donna Marie Strachan