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Ailsa's Sketches

SBR Sketches
The latest recruits

Who said that standard issue sashes weren't big enough? Ailsa instructs her beasts in lining up straight for inspection. (left to right: Mouse, Willow, Onyx & Flame - all firsts except Mouse)

Taming Sketches

The first dragons....
The first red dragon in Ailsa's life... Justice
The first brown dragon in Ailsa's life... Valour
First Wyrm

Honour, the first wyrm
First nightmare

First nightmare Onyx is overcome with hunger having caught the scent of some ribs in Ailsa's pack

2dRidgeback 3dRidgeback
The latest addition to the stables, Ailsa's first ridgeback comes home to Ranger Point.
And sometime between the first mare and the first wyrm, there was this... In the depths of Fire Dungeon, Ailsa finally finishes her training as a tamer...
Last hellhound - GM Tamer at last!

And before SBR.... There were these.....

As Ailsa changes from a fencer tamer to a mage, she finally succeeds in killing something larger than herself.... First dead wyvern The newbie Ailsa *grins*

Newbie Ailsa
Just before she joins SBR, Ailsa spends some time learning the art of offensive magery with the Council of Mages and her friends in TfK *grins* After a bit of practice Ailsa and her ostards become almost dangerous as this poor soul discovered when Ailsa and her ossy made him their first victim in Nujelm.... First faction kill

Material Copyright © 2001 Donna Marie Strachan