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Rules and Conduct

As members of ERPA, we require that all members and potential members familarise themselves and act according to the ERPA rules on combat and general interaction with others. Links to the various guidelines in ERPA are listed below.


ERPA Guidelines

ERPA Rules of Engagement

ERPA Alignment Descriptions

In addition to these, there are a number of rules/guidelines that we have set out for members of Dreamstone -

Guild Uniform

  1. We don't have a strict dress code for uniforms (except for guards/defenders) but as a minimum we don't really want to see topless male mages in pink skirts and jester hats *grins*.
  2. Uniform for defenders/guards consists of a dark teal coloured sash, kilt and cloak. Essentially you can wear different items to this, especially females who may wish a skirt etc. The guild colour is on a dye tub in the workshop and more tubs can be made if required. The purpose of our uniform is not to make our fighters like clones, simply to make it easy to identify each other especially during battles, and for our guild to be more recognisable when we're out and about.


General Roleplaying/Battle Conduct

  1. Always try to stay in character (IC) as much as possible, both in Dreamstone and outside it. If for any reason you need to revert to out of character speech (OOC) then put OOC speech in brackets such as [afk] so folk around you know you're speaking OOC.
  2. Whenever you RP always consider the wishes and feelings of those you RP with.  Don't power emote (e.g. *picks John up in her hand, breaks his arm and throws him over the room* as a very extreme example).  Some people you interact with are more sensitive than others as well as being of a different age perhaps.  Consider this when it comes to their behaviour and yours and especially when prisoners are taken or interrogated etc.  If in doubt ask "[are you ok with this?]"  or have a chat over ICQ/party about plots that may be controversial.  That way any difficult situations can be avoided.
  3. If at all possible, refrain from going OOC after battles.  Get yourself resurrected, loot your body and take no part in further action or discussions unless they are important enough (such as a griefer appearing etc) that ERPA protocol needs to be dropped.  If you see a potential looter then make plenty of noise to those of us fighting.  Usually most experienced RPers will keep an eye on a stranger for that going grey sign of a looter but the fight should always be stopped with a *CEASE* so no more deaths happen and the looter can be dealt with accordingly.  
  4. After a fight, it's good manners to make sure all the enemy are resurrected quickly and retrieve their belongings.  Don't simply kill and leave, if you can resurrect you should do so and if you feel it likely that some third party looting might happen you may at your discretion help your victim loot his/her body if you know them or at least cast invisibility on them if they may be in danger while looting. 
  5. Avoid at all costs any post fight arguments whoever they originate from.  If you have complaints of any sort against another guild or person, either make them in party chat or over ICQ but most definitely not in game.  If there has been a breach of ERPA rules or any bad conduct then I will take responsibility for both DRM's conduct if we are at fault, or for sorting out any problems you may have.  Thus if someone makes a complaint to you in game, refer them to me and end the discussion.  Whining and arguing in game is not only aggravating, it also spoils fun and creates bad feeling which is unnecessary. 

Material Copyright © 2001 Donna Marie Strachan