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The Deeds System

This is a proposal idea for the guild which I'm hoping will do two things.

  1. Make advancing in the guild something that doesn't just come after being a member for x months or through your skills or PvP ability, but that it comes though carrying out actions of all sorts if you choose so that a miner can advance his status in the guild albeit through carrying out different deeds to the warrior members.
  2. Making it attractive for members to do those jobs we all hate such as arranging events or collecting resources.  We are a town guild rather than a PvP one, so encouraging and rewarding the "behind the scenes" workers makes the citizen role more attractive and balances our guild up to prospective new members.

There are of course good and bad deeds.  The good ones will gain you points towards a reward or promotion in the guild while the bad deeds will reduce your points.  

Below I have listed some actions that I think we could award points for and deduct for too.  It's in no way a complete list, I'd like to add as many deeds as you can suggest both good and bad that we actually want to encourage/discourage in our members.

Positive Deeds




Being active in town.

over say a week the member is active 5 days for at least 30 mins a day.This doesnít mean fighting, simply taking an active role in the town.


Defending town/Attacking enemy.

Member takes part in a fight or battle at home or away.Or in the case of a non-fighting member, they provide arms (eg arrows) or support to the fighters before or during the fight.

10 Manufacturing goods.
For example making armour for the guild.
A smith uses the guild stocks of iron to make spears = 10 points
A smith mines & smelts ore then makes spears for the guild = 25 points


Collecting resources. (eg per 1k iron ingots)

Based on the work involved, more points may be awarded for say leather or coloured ores.Purchasing resources such as reagents also count if they are for the use of the town.


Organising events/hunts.

Things like arranging a dungeon crawl or small event.


Donating gold from hunts.

Per 5k of gold collected or an hourís hunting if the hunt is for guild funds.


Aiding allies.

If our allies ask us to help and a member volunteers they get points.

Combat or non-combat help is counted here.So spying/scouting or transporting goods would count too.


Training fellow guildmates/allies.

If you take time to help train or offer guidance to guildmates then it should be rewarded.Training in a dungeon or sparring in town etc etc.


Recruiting new members to the guild.

This doesnít mean asking all your friends to join!Of course, genuine applications from friends of guildmembers are fine, Iím trying to reward those players who devote time and energy to bringing newcomers to town/the guild here.  Maybe we should allocate just 25 points if they just refer to a senior member and the full 50 if they take time to show recruits the town and so on.


Taking part in organising large scale events.

A job that involves dedication and commitment such as helping to arrange festivals etc should be rewarded.





Lack of activity

Hols/RL issues wonít lose you points, but any members who join and then disappear never to be seen in town will lose points for doing so.


Aiding the enemy (unintentional)

If you mistakenly attack or do significant damage to DRM members during battle or aid the enemy unintentionally (ie a spy from another guild overhears something etc)


Aiding the enemy (intentional)

If you agree to aid enemies whether it be by selling information or letting prisoners escape etc, prepare to lose points! Of course it goes without saying that such deeds would probably also lead to you being accountable to a court of law within town...



Bad conduct much more serious than this such as stealing from other members/the guild or grief play etc are all items which are beyond the scope of this points system.  If we decided after such bad coduct to retain members in the guild, the chances are their points would be reduced very seriously, maybe even to the level of initate again.  Grief play etc will if proven, almost inevitably result in the offender being kicked out the guild and his/her friend status lifted in all buildings and so on.