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Diplomatic Status

Below is a list of guilds we are involved with at this time, grouped together according to their status with Dreamstone.

I have also added a few comments so you know what to expect with our various friends and enemies. As diplomatic relations change, I will try to keep this page updated, but you should also check the public messageboard and news page for the latest interactions we have.

We do have several guilds who are orange to us, but we have not yet met them in character, and a good number are neutral to us. If you meet someone from one of these guilds, remember that you are representing Dreamstone, and as their first "real" contact you are effectively letting them see what we are about as well as acting as our diplomat. 

If your guild is listed here with incorrect details please let me know and I'll amend them. 

Angel of Marlit

Guild Name and Website Board


GM Comments
Andune And Alliance Elv'eng Close neighbours of Dreamstone and allies of the town.
Deepwater DW Alliance Dianora Long time friends and allies of Dreamstone.
Duchy of Trinsic DOT Alliance Ikus/Sims Roggran Good friends of ours from Trinsic.
Initiates of Dreamstone I D Alliance Solstice Sub-guild of DRM
Keepers of the Elements KoE Alliance Kaine Allies of Dreamstone, based on Fire Isle.
Knights of Virtue KOV Alliance Misha Andone Good friends of Dreamstone.
Knights Templar KT Alliance Zaknafein Allies from Templewood.
Skara Brae Rangers/
Skara Brae Questors
SBR Alliance Grim The Rangers and their sub-guild the Questors. Both guilds are allied to us.
Trinsic Paladins of Honour  TPH Alliance Wolfric Allies of town, based near Trinsic.
Citizens of Naeloth NAE Neutral Soth A group of residents of Naeloth, including slaves and merchants and the like. Servants of the Drow, treat them cautiously.
Cynn Cn Neutral Braveheart New friends of ours from Spiritwood.
Executioners Guild EG Uneasy Neutral Tarnak Former allies who subsequently betrayed us. It has been some time since they were last in town, but treat them with caution if they should return.
Evil Pirate Guild EPG Neutral Evil Einon We have yet to meet these folk but their reputation precedes them. Keep an eye on the ale stocks and a hand near yer sword if they arrive in town.
Gypsies Gyp Neutral Sophia Gypsies who have returned to Dreamstone.  
The Knights of Forsetti HF Neutral Marcus Kindly folks of a virtuous nature.  Make them welcome in town when they visit.
The Novissimus Remigium Clades  NRC  Neutral Dave Mercenaries who have shown willingness to treat Dreamstone as allies. These folk may well prove useful in the defence and expansion of our town.
The Overlords OT Neutral Drakys I have heard of these folk causing trouble in Trinsic, but they have yet to visit town.
Pixies  pix Neutral Salix Friendly and entertaining pixies, always welcome in town.
Savage Tribe of Europa SAV Neutral Saragon A savage tribe that have yet to show any hostility or friendship towards us.
Serfs Srf Neutral Zenrath Aldermir Ordinary working folk and peasants based in a number of towns in Britannia.
Sharp Tooth Goblins Gob Neutral Oojii'Goop Goblins, and from what we've seen mischievious ones at that. They are not agressive towards us, but be ready for surprises.
South Beach Mercenary Company SBX Neutral Raxnixia II Mercenaries based near the shrine of Honor.
Stormwind StW Neutral Mordred Former allies but it is possible we shall come to fight this guild as their leader is currently challenging Dreamstone's independence.
The Yew Mercantile League Mer Neutral Gerrick A merchant group based in Dreamstone itself. 
Cataclysm - The Final Chapter  Cha War Ji'Masro Ghaun Recent encounters near Dreamstone have lead to our defenders being attacked, they are now enemies of the town.
Ilythiiri Dobluth Empire IDA War Xirzin De'Muz Never drop your guard with the Drow, they are a dangerous and unpredictable enemy.
Judgement City Judges JS War Evil Zen For repeatedly trying to enforce their laws and taxes in town, these strange folk have become less welcome in town.   I will not tolerate such unfair demands of our townsfolk.
Outcasts of Eldamar OoE War Valura Allies of IDA and proven enemies of Dreamstone. Be cautious and ready for attack if necessary.
The Spectral Court S-C War Angelus Moon Allies of IDA. Not as aggressive, but they have brought trouble to us in the past.













































Material Copyright 2001 Donna Marie Strachan