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Joining Dreamstone

There are two ways to become a member of Dreamstone. Firstly you can visit Dreamstone and get to know us there, or simply fill in the membership application form below so we can know a little about you before we meet in character.

So what happens when I become a member?
Firstly we will take you to Dreamstone for a short tour so you know a little of our home when you arrive there. Uniforms are provided for guards/defenders and a dye tub with the guild colour can be mixed for you if you need it.

It is normal for guildmembers to be made a friend of the Tavern so they can have a bed for the night and ban troublemakers that visit us. We have a small stock of food and supplies that are available to members, and hope to have an armoury setup somewhere in time. You will also be friended at our Barracks, where members of Dreamstone can keep some belongings. 

New members will receive an email with some information about the guild and a list of other members and their ICQ numbers.

Depending on your level of skill and experience you may want to do some training with us. If you have a particular skill or need PvP practice then let the leader of your group or Angel know and we'll try and arrange for some help in your studies.


Membership Application Form

Please fill out your application as fully as possible. It isn't a test, we just want to know a little about you before you come to meet us.

Name of character:            

Class (eg warrior/mage) : 

Section of the guild you're interested in joining: 

Your current skills and stats:

Some background information/profile of your character:

ICQ no: 

Email address: 


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