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Guild Members

I am still adding profiles for our members, so there will be more content added here in the near future. If you are a new member and want to be added to this list, please send your picture and text to my email.

Name & Link to UO Page Section Title & Link to Profile Class ICQ
Glenikins Joint GM Master at Arms Warrior/Archer 23008568
Boromir Guard Defender Warrior Private
Jubei Guard Defender Warrior/Archer Private
Kreelman Guard Defender Warrior Private
Luke Daskar Guard Defender Novice Archer/Bard Private
Sir Lancelot Guard Defender Warrior 117673384
Thorn Guard Defender Warrior Private
Tyr Guard Defender Warrior Private
Solstice Guard Dragon Mistress Tamer/Mage Private
Bel Guard Sorcerer Mage Private
Vedite Guard Sorcerer Mage/Smith Private
Zaranis Guard Sorcerer Mage/Scribe Private
Angel of Marlit Ast. GM Merchant Alchemist/Lumberjack 23073914
Craftsman Citizen Artisan Tailor/Smith/Tinker/Carpenter 23073914
Johnny Magejack Citizen Dreamstone Farrier Smith Private
Hawkeye Citizen Treasure Seeker Cartographer 23008568
Llew Citizen Merchant Warrior Private
Molly Citizen Barmaid Chef/Fisherwoman Private
Pestilence Citizen Night Porter Thief Private

Member Profiles

Master at Arms (GM)
(ICQ 23008568)

Glenikins Born on a farm near Britain, Glenikins spent his early years tending the sheep flocks of his family. Seeking adventure, he left that hard life for one harder still when he began an apprenticeship with a guild of local Knights. He saw that guild and two others fall, destroyed from within by politics, and decided to continue his journey and training alone.

He travelled the length and breadth of the land, before finally stumbling across an open patch of ground in a deserted town south of Yew. Something about the area appealed to him, and he set about building a villa, thoughts growing in his mind of rebuilding the town. Now, Dreamstone and the growing community there take up most of his time as he discovers that there is more to life than just a sharp sword and a fast horse.

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By blade, bow, spell or beast, those who stand as one in the defence of Dreamstone.....


Boromir Boromir was once an adventurer, with no real direction other than pursuit of gain in path of the warrior. Stumbling one day across the Master of Arms of Dreamstone, a real direction became apparent; and sooner than he could possibly expect.

The virtues of valour and honour were soon to become his code as he learnt first hand of peoples and creatures he had never known existed. Come to Dreamstone, and ye will see a blur of a man on horseback, wielding a mighty mace high above him, roaring aloud as he strikes it down upon another enemy of his new home.

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Born in Vesper, trained hard to serve the Council of Mages but left the conflict very early feeling it lacked honour or a sense of purpose. Joined his brothers guild as a warrior but never really enjoyed life with them and so moved to Dreamstone and hopes to carve out a new life there.

Friendly but sometimes quiet, can have a temper if pushed too far. Will not tolerate lack of respect.

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[pic] Kreelman was born in the town of Vesper as a humble lumberjack and bowyer. After many years of his trade his parents passed on. Having spent the majority of his life in Vesper he had seen little of the world and now having no need to stay in Vesper he took a heavy viking sword and left the town never to return. His swords skills eventually improved and his lumberjacking helping him in this field. After spending a lonely life in dungeons and dark places Kreelman lost the desire of the swordsman. He turned his back on the sword and learned the way of the mace and of fencing. He is now a noble and just warrior, tired of his lonely life and relishing in the warmth and companionship of his new found friends.

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Luke Daskar,
Defender Novice

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Sir Lancelot,
(ICQ 117673384)

Sir Lancelot I am a knight who grew up in Brittain and was trained by the best swordsmen. My quest is true and just. I am one who follows the path of valor but with great compassion for all people. I am willing to help all in need.

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Thorn Thorn, long time wanderer and lumberjack by trade, now finds some purpose in life, as a defender of the town of Dreamstone.

Always with an axe by his side, he will strive to defend the town whilst it grows.

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Tyr Born and raised in Minoc Tyr learned the smithing trade in the workshop of his father.
The call of adventure eventually became to strong to resist. Having forged his own sword and armor Tyr left the safety of his hown town.
During his travels he came upon the University of Spiritwood were he graduated as a scholar of Valor. In Spiritwood Tyr learned about the town of Dreamstone….

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Bel  Bel originally lived in Minoc following the trade of ore mining handed down from his fathers. For many years he toiled mining ore until one day a band of murderers killed his beloved brother while mining. Leaving Bel for dead he turned his back on Minoc and took the long lonely journey into the arcane.
He has, after many years reached grandmastery of magery.

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Vedite Top of page


Dragon Mistress


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Talented and hardworking folk, the backbone of any town and the pride of Dreamstone.....


Angel of Marlit,
Merchant (Asst. GM)
(ICQ 23073914)

Angel of Marlit Born and raised in the town of Dreamstone, Angel is the most recent of the Marlit's family line to take the reins of the family business in the town. Her two sisters Wenchkin and Ailsa having since left the area to join with the Skara Brae Rangers. Angel will often speak proudly of her younger sister Ailsa but Wenchkin is rarely discussed in the family for reasons that only a few close friends understand...

Angel was raised among merchants and the workers of Dreamstone, and maintains a down-to-earth manner despite her position in the town. She does occassionally put on her ceremonial robes, but mainly for official duties and diplomatic meetings. She devotes her time and energy towards building the town and returning it to it's former glory as a busy marketplace and trade centre. Her studies in warfare and battle tactics are often a surprise to those that meet her, she is as well versed in the ways of war as in the running of a town.

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Special Operations

Connor Top of page

Dreamstone Tailor

Craftsman I spent my early life in Delucia, where I worked hard to learn the tailoring skill as my father and his father had done before me. I met Glenikins whilst hunting for skins in the hills outside Delucia and we became friends. When he began work on the town of Dreamstone I decided to leave my home and help him in the building. I now have a flourishing business in the town, and am learning the skills of mining, smithing and tinkering when I get the time.

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Treasure Seeker

Hawkeye Top of page

Johnny Magejack,
Dreamstone Blacksmith

Johnny Magejack Ah, Magejack by name and profession, well it used to be. Magery aye, Jacking, nay. I am Boromir's vassal and I follow wherever he takes me. I repair his arms and armour, and prepare him mentally for battle.

He found me in Britain, stumbling abouts the gutters and begging for money as, I regret to say, I had become a drunkard.

The way of the wine was most appealing in Britain at the time, the vast array of taverns, nice weather and friendly people made it hard for me to concentrate enough to do anything else.
I was crawling around, desperate for a gold piece when he appeared from nowhere. Dismounting, he approached. I hesitated, looked at him with my watery eyes, thinking my end had come. All I saw was a shining glow which spoke to me, words that I shall never forget: "I need a squire". And with that I was off on horseback, spirited away, the way of the wine behind me....

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Llew Top of page

(ICQ 23073914)

Molly The daughter of a local farmer and his wife, Molly was raised on the outskirts of Yew near the coast. As a young lass she learnt the skills of fishing and cooking from those around her and recently started work at the Laughing Lich Tavern as a barmaid.

Molly is a friendly and attractive lass, if a little naive at times. She enjoys her work and treats everyone she meets with kindness, even Drow and orcs. She has little understanding of life outwith the forests and countryside of Yew as she has never left the area since a childhood visit to Skara Brae...

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Night Porter

Pestilence Pestilence has rarely been honest and never hardworking in his 32 years of life. In fact, the only reason he is a member of staff at the Laughing Lich was a badly placed bet when he was seriously under the influence of the local cider. Suffice to say he has a very large debt with the Tavern proprietor which he hopes to pay off round about the age of 63....

The only skills Pestilence has learnt in life are those of a rogue, so if he offers to carry yer bags for ye he may be inclined to lighten them afore ye get them back. But normally he will only prey on the rich youngsters that parade their reagent collection dressed in skirts and straw hats, and usually sitting astride a rather unfortunate llama...

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