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Angel of Marlit Name: Angel of Marlit ICQ no: 23073914
Guild Title: Mayoress (GM)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Race: Human
Age: Early 30's
Main Skills: Alchemy, Lumberjacking

Born and raised in the town of Dreamstone, Angel is the most recent of the Marlit's family line to take the reins of the family business in the town. Her two sisters Wenchkin and Ailsa having since left the area to join with the Skara Brae Rangers. Angel will often speak proudly of her younger sister Ailsa but Wenchkin is rarely discussed in the family for reasons that only a few close friends understand...

Angel was raised among merchants and the workers of Dreamstone, and maintains a down-to-earth manner despite her position in the town. She does occassionally put on her ceremonial robes, but mainly for official duties and diplomatic meetings. She devotes her time and energy towards building the town and returning it to it's former glory as a busy marketplace and trade centre. Her studies in warfare and battle tactics are often a surprise to those that meet her, she is as well versed in the ways of war as in the running of a town.

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