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Member Profile

Name: Johnny Magejack ICQ no: 136895117
Guild Title: Dreamstone Farrier
Alignment: Neutral Good
Race: Human
Main Skills: Smithing, Alchemy

Ah, Magejack by name and profession, well it used to be. Magery aye, Jacking, nay. I am Boromir's vassal and I follow wherever he takes me. I repair his arms and armour, and prepare him mentally for battle.

He found me in Britain, stumbling abouts the gutters and begging for money as, I regret to say, I had become a drunkard.

The way of the wine was most appealing in Britain at the time, the vast array of taverns, nice weather and friendly people made it hard for me to concentrate enough to do anything else.
I was crawling around, desperate for a gold piece when he appeared from nowhere. Dismounting, he approached. I hesitated, looked at him with my watery eyes, thinking my end had come. All I saw was a shining glow which spoke to me, words that I shall never forget: "I need a squire". And with that I was off on horseback, spirited away, the way of the wine behind me....

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