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Member Profile

Name: Pestilence ICQ no:  23008568
Guild Title: Labourer
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Race: Human
Main Skills: Stealing, Hiding

Pestilence has rarely been honest and never hardworking in his 32 years of life. In fact, the only reason he is a member of staff at the Laughing Lich was a badly placed bet when he was seriously under the influence of the local cider. Suffice to say he has a very large debt with the Tavern proprietor which he hopes to pay off round about the age of 63....

The only skills Pestilence has learnt in life are those of a rogue, so if he offers to carry yer bags for ye he may be inclined to lighten them afore ye get them back. But normally he will only prey on the rich youngsters that parade their reagent collection dressed in skirts and straw hats, and usually sitting astride a rather unfortunate llama... 

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