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[pic] Name: Saban ICQ no:  136787659
Guild Title: Defender
Alignment: Neutral Good
Race: Human
Main Skills: Fencing

Saban grew up in the town of Yew on the Trammel facet. When he was old enough to look after himself in the woods he began to travel farther afield, always alone but making brief friendships here and there.

Finally curiosity got the better of him and he decided to see for himself the lands of Felucca that so many spoke of. He stepped into the moongate near his home and walked out again to the south of the huge city of Trinsic. Leafless trees stood all around and a slight shiver went through him as he glanced around. For some reason he decided not to head north to the city, but struck westward into a landscape that he had never seen nor heard of. After days travelling generally southwestward through the wet jungle-like terrain he skirted the south of a mountain range and shortly came to an opening in the cliffs. Some time later he was astonished to step out into sunlight and a strange old town. Delucia it was named and something about the place pleased him.

He befriended many of the paladins stationed in the fort by the town and spent long days and weeks sparring with them and improving his weapon skills, as well as exploring the new lands he had stumbled upon.

Eventually though a need for adventure got the better of his contentment and after hearing tales of a small town far to the north he set of and finally reached the town of Dreamstone.

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