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Guild Overview


The Dreamstone guild has been formed to allow those folk living and working in the village to be identified as such and to enable us to interact with other roleplaying guilds and villages in Europa.

The guild is a roleplaying guild and we are members of the ERPA (Europa Role-Players Association). As such, we expect our members to follow their Rules of Engagement etc when interacting with others as well as following our own simple rules for Dreamstone members.

We are based in Dreamstone itself, but we are by no means stuck within the confines of the village as far as guild activity is concerned. 

There are a number of towns ("good" and "evil") who we are already interacting with and this will only increase with time. But we will also have more than enough activity within Dreamstone, including events at the Laughing Lich tavern and anywhere else we can think of *grins*



Material Copyright © 2001 Donna Marie Strachan