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Guild Structure

Dreamstone members are normally in one of the two main sections of the guild -


Merchants, bards, tavern staff and the like who prefer to avoid combat and would rather remain as peaceful town folk wherever possible.  As we are aiming to have as realistic a town as we can there really isn't a limit on what professions can be considered citizens of town. Also trainees for the guard are included as citizens if they wish to have time to train and integrate with the guild without the pressures of war.   

In Dreamstone the citizens are just as important as the guards, they are not simply alts of our main characters.  There are different ranks in the citizen group, from initiates and apprentices to artisans etc.  

Citizens have the right to take up arms and fight alongside the Guards, or alone if challenged by an enemy of the village.  Of course the humble miner would probably just run from a group of orcs but being a citizen doesn't mean you can't take part in fights. They are led by the Mayoress who represents and leads them as part of the town and guild and both guides and aids them in training as well as offering leadership.


Consists of all classes of fighter whatever their skill, so long as they are willing to defend the village against our enemies. 

The guard will be clearly identified by their badges (guild title) and wear the guard uniform to identify them as such. Our enemies are mostly RP guild enemies, but the guard are expected to aid in fighting those irritating peasants known as dewds *grins*.  

The fighting side of Dreamstone consists of the Defenders and Sorcerers, each led by their own "Master" who as in the case of citizens, leads but also trains and offers guidance to their group.  Defenders being all classes of weapon fighters and sorcerers being users of magic.

The structure of leadership in the guild is as follows - 
  Master at Arms -- Defenders -- Initiate Defenders
Mayoress -- Master of Sorcery -- Sorcerers -- Initiate Sorcerers
Master of Trade -- Citizens -- Initiate Citizens


Material Copyright © 2001 Donna Marie Strachan