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Dreamstone News
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News from the town of Dreamstone, a fictional RP town based on the Europa shard of Ultima Online.

Friday, December 07, 2001
Dreamstone Alliances Strengthen

Wednesday moon saw a grand meeting with The Guardians of Nujelm at the Laughing Lich Tavern. The Knights of Virtue also attended the meeting, and the ale ran smoothly.

We talked of crushing the Orcs, and how that with these new alliances, the Horde will soon be pushed back. Again we urged our Allies to send us word as soon as they were threatened by the evils that they encounter.

Master at Arms

posted by Angel Friday, December 07, 2001
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Sunday, November 25, 2001
The Laughing Lich Tavern is Set Ablaze by Orcs

posted by Angel Sunday, November 25, 2001
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Dreamstone Falls to the Orcs

Several weeks ago a number of Dreamstone’s defenders and sorcerers began the work of securing lands around the town with the intention that our citizens may travel and work in safety. While patrolling the lands it seems that the local orcish population has become angered at our actions and thus set about an attack on the town and it’s citizens in an attempt to claim it as theirs...

Since those early encounters, the orcs have grown stronger and with every raid the town’s defences were proving less able to cope with the attacks… As a precaution the very young and elderly citizens were escorted from the town one night and moved to the safety of Yew. Those who remained were either wielding arms and magic against the invaders or trying to dowse fires and repair damage around the town.

As a particularly fierce battle raged in town I was forced to leave and seek refuge in a nearby farm where I waited for news of the fight… As night fell a growing fire lit the horizon, and the sound of horses outside announced the arrival of the Master at Arms, Boromir… His face blackened by soot and clearly shaken, he handed me his report of the evening…

By mystical means we arrived at Dreamstone. "A good days training, that", I exclaimed to Kalin as we took the final few steps toward the Tavern.

Footsteps, voices. Whirling around, I saw three strangers, and from the insignia on their uniform I saw they were of The Knights of Virtue.

"Hail, greetings to ye travellers" was our welcome.

"We be looking for Lichs" one of their number said.

"Then look no further South of here for they grow in number there".

Kalin and I escorted the travelling Knights across the road to the Lichs abode.

A grunt and a snort. Foul odour. It could only be the Orcs. We could hear rustling in the wood, and the loud clomp of heavy feet.

Suddenly, from the woods emerged a throng of Orcs.

Aside from the snorting and grunting came the words "Diz iz UrkRok! Humiez Nub alluwed!"

"Begone pestilence, you will leave!" I shouted.

High on my steed I pushed and shoved at them, even grabbing one to push them away.

"Shuu Pezki Humiez Shuu, Diz UrkRok Nub led me see lat ere agen"

Bracing myself for a blow, I armed my weapon and again demanded their removal: "As long as the Defenders stand, this town is safe from your kind. Now remove thyselves or prepare to die!"

"De tuwn belungz tu uz!" was the swift reply from what I believe to be their leader.

The Orcs run fast into battle, Kalin could hardly react as he felt the sheer force of the horde on him.

Weapon raised I charged at the leader, thrusting at the Orc.

Unconciousness came quickly for me.

Upon waking I saw smoke bellowing from the rooftops. Treading wearily on the cold wet grass, I stumbled toward the town, or what remained. Standing infront of the burning tavern I collapsed.

Dreamstone was burnt and sacked.

Master at Arms

Despite our efforts, our beloved town was under orcish control… Of all the wars and battles the town had seen, we had been defeated by orcs. It was too much to believe. We had only one chance of reclaiming our homeland. I sent my messenger to summon our allies and as many fighting men and women as he could find along the way. We must banish the orcs from town and hold them accountable for their crimes against us…

Angel of Marlit
Dreamstone Mayoress

posted by Angel Sunday, November 25, 2001
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Monday, June 18, 2001
Naeloth Brigands attack Dreamstone

In the early hours of yesterday morning, the last customers of the Laughing Lich were just leaving, leaving Solstice, Ailsa and I with the Drow Menel Ithilkir alone in the tavern, discussing the terms of Molly's release [see News "A Challenge, a Betrayal, and a Kidnapping" below].

The silence of the surrounding forest was abruptly broken by the sounds of hoofbeats crashing through the undergrowth, and rapidly growing louder. Troubled, we ceased our negotiating and looked to the south. Very soon horsemen broke cover from the trees and spread out across the lawn in front of the tavern. More and more appeared, until we counted some dozen or so heavily armed and rough looking characters surveying the tavern. As we stepped out onto the patio, one of them rode forward, but stopped abruptly when the last patron to leave the tavern, a young lass with the badge of a Shadowlord, began taunting him and his followers. The horsemen quickly grew angry, and with a laugh, the Shadowlord spurred her horse and galloped further into the town, hotly pursued by all twelve of the brigands. They returned shortly after a fruitless chase, and the Drow with us berated them for their incompetence, an episode that we enjoyed immensely.

Soon after however, their leader, the follower of Queen Leia of the Spectral Court calling himself Angeuls Moon began his usual tactic when in our town, gazing around himself like a lord surveying his realm, and making taunts and half-threats to those that confronted him. I stood before him and asked his business in our town, but was not surprised to receive nothing but drivel in reply. Adopting our usual tactic in these situations, I began once more mocking his mistress, the so-called Queen Leia. As expected, Moon rapidly lost his temper, and started shouting the words of a spell. Raising my bow I stood my ground and loosed arrow after arrow as fast I was able towards him and his horse as they leaped and plunged around me. His magic burned and sickened me but I kept firing despite the pain and nausea, and saw him almost fall from his horse, before wheeling and galloping into the trees. Unmounted, I was unable to follow him and loose the final arrow that would have sent him to his maker, so I limped back towards the tavern, where his followers had sat like wolves watching the fight. Some minutes passed before Moon returned, galloping back onto the lawn and immediately flinging another spell in my direction. Adopting the same tactic, I stood firm and maintained a steady fire of arrows. This time he was injured even worse than before, and in fury shouted to his brigands "Kill Them!". At this his followers fell upon us, four to one. Ailsa and I fell quickly, whilst Solstice was able to evade the initial rush and kept up a brave fight for some time before finally falling to the axe of Terr, the Aqileia champion.

So ended another episode, clearly demonstrating yet again that the whelps that fawn and cringe at the feet of their Drow masters live only to fight, and only when they outnumber their foe massively.

Glenikins of Dreamstone

posted by Angel Monday, June 18, 2001
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Tuesday, June 12, 2001
A Challenge, a Betrayal, and a Kidnapping

Shortly after his shaming in Dreamstone, the arrogant Drow known as Menel Ithilkir delivered a challenge to Boromir, one of the staunch defenders of our town. The Drow's reasons for such an action were not known, and caused some concern. Alas, we learned all too soon what lay behind his words.

The challenge was accepted and the duel arranged at a location close to the town. The Drow turned up as agreed, seemingly alone, but full of such bravado and half-hidden glances over our shoulders that we knew immediately that treachery was afoot. With a sense of foreboding, Boromir and I lead the Drow towards the duelling area, leaving Angel, Thorn, Llew and Molly back at the town. Menel immediately began stalling, claiming that his second was on his way, and refusing to fight until he had arrived. Boromir grew increasingly restless, as the minutes ticked by. Suddenly the Drow gave a bark of laughter, and shouting to us that we should look to the tavern, suddenly vanished. We spurred our mounts and crashed through the trees towards the town, reining to a halt in front of the Laughing Lich. Hearing the commotion, the others came running. But the scene was quiet, with no hint of danger. We entered the tavern, and looked around the silent bar. Molly... she was nowhere to be seen. Then I spied a note dropped onto one of the tables, and we crowded round to read, our hearts sinking. Whilst we had been gone, somehow another Drow had entered the tavern and made off with Molly. The note taunted us, and demanded a ridiculous ransom of demon bone armour for her safe return...

posted by Angel Tuesday, June 12, 2001
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More Drow Insults

Last week the Laughing Lich tavern had the misfortune to receive as guests two dark elves from Naeloth, Menel Ithilkir and Olath Velg'larn. As seems to be the custom with folk from that cursed town, these two came professing friendship and a simple desire to visit our town and sample the ale at the tavern. Of course, this veneer soon slipped, first with insults about the quality of our ale, then to open hostility to the other patrons.

I was disturbed to see Menel begin eyeing Molly, the young barmaid, as she went about her work. A glance around the room reassured me that the others present had noticed this too, as the atmosphere became tense. Insult followed insult, and I take pride in the fact that despite the taunts and threats, our warriors sat impassively. We would not lower ourselves to the level of this filth that had invaded the tavern. Soon however, bored, and perhaps drunk, one of the Drow slipped behind the bar and made a grab for Molly, mutternig that she would make a fine slave, and trying to pull her with him. A single nod and the folk of Dreamstone gave vent to the anger that had been building up all evening. Boromir attacked immediately, and Thorn and Llew leaped to his aid. Unable to get close in the crush behind the bar I grabbed my bow and let fly into Olath the mage at close range. He fell quickly, as Menel knocked Boromir to the ground and made a dash to the other side of the room. He tried to hide, but soon fell to our swords.

The shaken Molly took her leave soon after, as we healed our wounds and tried to calm our anger at such an outrageous affront to our hospitality.


posted by Angel Tuesday, June 12, 2001
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Monday, April 23, 2001
Battle in Dreamstone

Last night, a meeting was held between representatives of Dreamstone and her allies - the Skara Brae Rangers, The Alliance and the Duchy of Trinsic. We gathered to discuss our troubles in Dreamstone, in particular those originating from the Ilythiiri Dobluth Empire and their allies, and how best we could prepare and defend ourselves against our enemies.

Just as we were nearing the end of our talks however, I heard something that sent a shiver up my spine. As I glanced out of the window I almost had to force my heart to keep beating as a portal appeared at the front of the Tavern and a great army of Drow and their allies from Naeloth arrived in Dreamstone. Members of the Spectral Court and Outcasts of Eldamar also gathered with them. I collected my mount and went to meet our visitors.

On the patio stood the Drow leader. One who calls himself Tars D'Tarkas. He has already scarred my family deeply in the past, and finding him on our doorstep filled me with hatred and fear in equal measure. I was not willing to allow him into the Tavern, despite his thinly veiled attempts at being friendly towards us. His disguise soon fell however, as he lost patience and screamed a terrifying battle cry that launched an attack the likes of which Dreamstone had never experienced until this night. We fought hard, determined to protect our town, and a number of our enemy fell. However in the end, the surprise and strength of the attack left us with a decimated defence and I was forced to retire for the night leaving my sister Ailsa to join what allied forces we could gather to mount our own attack upon Naeloth and avenge our fallen defenders…

Once gathered, they journeyed to Fire Isle and made their way to the very heart of the dark city itself. Soon a sea of Drow and their allies rushed out and a long and arduous battle began. Drow attacked from almost every side it seemed, and our plans of victory slowly crumbled as the Drow and their allies fought relentlessly against our attack and once more brought us to our knees. Many of their defenders fell, but they managed to survive with the strength to beat us back until we had no choice but to admit our defeat once more. We returned home with the wounded and weary, leaving the healers to do their work.

Dreamstone will not cower in fear from Naeloth and her people. The losses we have felt at the hands of these folk cannot be brushed away or denied. Together with our allies we must make it clear that these attacks upon us are unacceptable and will not go without punishment. ‘Tis the very least our grieving families deserve...

Angel of Marlit
Dreamstone Emissary
(22nd April 2001)

posted by Angel Monday, April 23, 2001
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Friday, April 13, 2001
New Allies for Dreamstone

As the last of the tavern staff finished their evening's work and set off on their journey home we received word from a messenger that the leader of the Skara Brae Rangers, a gentleman by the name of Grim was to visit us to discuss an alliance with Dreamstone. He brought with him a new ally of the Rangers, one by the name of Drago of the Duchy of Trinsic. After the initial greetings, we returned to the comfortable surroundings of the tavern to discuss the alliance in more detail.

Drinking the last of Elvira's fine cider we discussed our situation in Dreamstone, it's situation close to the orcish settlement and the town of Nohkmahr and the recent encounter with Drow outcasts in Spiritwood. It seems we share a common enemy already in the outcasts, our other neighbours having yet to show open agression towards us enough to warrant a full war. And so it was agreed on both sides that an alliance should be formed between Dreamstone and the Skara Brae Rangers, and their sister guild the Skara Brae Questors. After further discussions with Drago, about whom we initially knew less, it became clear that here too was a kindred spirit. An alliance was therefore signed between Dreamstone and the Duchy of Trinsic. As glasses were filled and raised in a toast, the agreements were sealed and we look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with our new friends.

posted by Angel Friday, April 13, 2001
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Cider and Blood at the Laughing Lich

An eventful evening at the Dreamstone tavern began with a visit by the fair Elvira, bringing as asked samples of her cider, along with a fine selection of food to accompany it. Among those lucky enough to be on hand to enjoy the tasting were the Rangers Ailsa of Marlit and Dacado, and Dreamstone citizens Bormoir, Shadow, and myself. Tired after a long fight with a lone brigand, another citizen Tigers Eye took her leave early.

We sat around the bar, helping ourselves to pitchers of the most delicious and refreshing cider I ever tasted. Chatting with Elvira, it turned out that she makes the cider to a recipe by her late husband, who was killed tragically by an ettin some time ago.

The cider was a huge success, and soon the tavern was resounding with hiccups and laughter. A deal was struck, and delivery of a barrel of cider arranged for the following day.

As we chatted, a blue moongate abruptly sprang into life on the lawn outside the tavern. Despite the strength of our brew, we rapidly sobered up as one after another, eight armed and mounted figures appeared within the gate and stepped out, facing the tavern.

I recognised one of the riders from Spiritwood, a man of whom I have heard more bad things than good. Muttering a quiet warning to Boromir, I stepped out onto the porch with Ailsa and Dacado to greet the visitors.

A tall woman, striking to look at and pale as the moon sat astride her mount and watched me as I spoke words of welcome. Her expression carried an aloofness, even a vague amusement as I invited them to stable their horses and come inside. Despite my introductions, she did not deign to announce herself. I learned later that she is Leia, self-styled Queen to a group of dark followers.

The two Rangers took their leave to return to Spiritwood, thanking Elvira for the cider and bidding all farewell. Soon afterward, Angel, Solstice and Greaty joined us.

Drinks were served, and the newcomers seated themselves around the tavern. We exchanged small talk, but an air of tension had replaced the jovial atmospehere of minutes before. Leia herself seemed calm and assured, speaking pleasantly to us. One of her followers however, the man I had recognised, managed to inject a touch of veiled malice, half-hidden threats in everything he said. His speech could not have gone unnoticed by his companions, and they were not apparently concerned at the offence he was causing amongst us.

What occured next is difficult to explain. The visitors began speaking of livestock, and blood, and their leader requested that I hold out my wrist that she could prove her trustworthiness. As to the livestock, I can only guess what was in the minds of these people. But I suspect that she was testing me in some way that I cannot understand. Thinking back on how close I came to offering this woman my arm, I shudder with revulsion. But just as she was about to take hold of me, I heard a low voiced mutter "if he strikes me, kill him". I know not who mouthed those words, but they were sufficient for me to back off and hurrieldy replace my mail sleeves. Speaking of her offence at my lack of trust, Leia ordered her lackeys to confront me. A mage stood before me, speaking chilling words of power. A warrior stood at my back, weapon drawn. The fight exploded, spells, steel and poison flashing in the enclosed space, until one by one we fell before their greater numbers.

Later, as we regained our souls, Leia and her followers were nowhere to be seen. Elvira still sat shocked and dazed at the table. The burnt smells of magic and the sickly sweet stench of nightshade hung in the air, but the tavern was peaceful once again.

Glenikins of Dreamstone

posted by Angel Friday, April 13, 2001
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Friday, March 23, 2001
New additions to the site

I've added the main sections of the site so that the links at least go where they're supposed to now, even if the content is still a bit sparse! *grins* More content will be coming online soon now the backbone is working *smiles*

posted by Angel Friday, March 23, 2001
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